Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank You and a little Seo Sunset Gift

For you and for all I invoke the blessing of God and I thank to him because i've met you in this little seo place of mine.

If you are looking for a gift, I recommend you this Sunset calendar to cacth the new year 2009 with this passion

All the best for new Year 2009.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adsense in your post? Fast and Simple

In this post i want to speack about the tecnique to insert the adsense's code in the body of your post in the most important blog's platform like Blogger and Wordpress.

follow me!!!

Blogger Platform:
in this platform there are bilion of widgets that make your blog more interesting and more engaging but there is no widget that allows you to insert adsense's code in the body of your post.
To make this you go to your Blogger control panel then and modify your Blogger html model.
Nb: Save your html_model beacouse you can reload it if you have a trouble, then start to follow this instructions:
1) Contro if the Expand Widget Model is checked
2) create your ads code and parse it here Parse Html because blogger's structure is developed in xml
3) search in your model this line of code "<div class="post-body ...></div>" put parse before this div and try.
You can also insert the code betwen <p class='some_class'> -Parse Adsense Code Here -</p> and you can decide with css where the adsense shows the advertise.

Wordpress Platform:
If you have your blog developed on this platform you can easily make the insert of the code.
follow this simple steps and you'll done it.
first create the adsense code then those istructions:
1) Open your template directoy and search the file "single.php"
2) Open it with a web editor and search this istruction <?php the_content … …
3) Past the code before this istruction.
4) Save.

Simple and Fast...

that's all


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

50 tools easy to use for your seo check-up

Today i'm looking for some tools to use for a completly check-up for my web site and blogs.
I have dicovered this great page full of tools ready and easy and i've found it on this site:

There are all kind of seo tools and seo utilities (about 50 tools) in this page and I have put it in my blogroll
If you are looking for some tools or utilities for your web analisys I recomend you this page


Monday, December 8, 2008

Can we become a Pro Blogger ? Yes WE CAN....

In this post i want to ask you something about the opportunities for all to become a pro blogger.

The most important thing to impove when I start a blog is to know the argouments that i speacks about, share the news and informations with other bloggers and how other bloggers turn their passion into a profitable profession.

Anyone can start a blog. it's free (blogger,, splinder) to open on line and easy to use.

There are thousand resources online about blogging and how to become a pro blogger let me show you some.

I want to suggest this site .

Whether you're just starting out or have been blogging for years, these two professional bloggers show you how to turn your passion for blogging into extra revenue.

This practical guide to creating and marketing a blog with the potential for generating a six-figure income shows you how to choose subject matter that works for you, handle technical issues, and evaluate your blogs success so that you can use your blog to generate income indirectly. (Amazon's rewiew).

A very good guide to optimize your work with blog.

Another guide that i suggest to you to learn the basic roules of the blogging is this:

You’ll find out how to:

Make your blog stand out in a crowd, build an audience, and even make it pay
Choose the best software options, boost readership, and handle comments
Generate revenue from your blog with ads and sponsorships
Protect your privacy and your job
Deal with spam and the inappropriate comments from that guy who posts several times a day
Find your niche
Attract and keep readers
Use your blog to promote your business, cause, or organization
Add audio, video, cool widgets, and more
(from amazon rewiew)

The last book speacks about the best practices of blogging and the 30 most important problogger in the world.
It's important to have a landmark and this book presents to you 30 best practices of pro bloggers.

oks by next post

Friday, December 5, 2008

Feed Rss Builder for any kind of site!!!

Do you want to increase your traffic on your site with feed rss but you don't have a blog.
On the web there are some site or utilities that make this for your site.

here i post some resources:

FeedFire will take virtually any web page and convert it into a fully formed and fully coded RSS feed. Registration needed.

for site or blog - Without registration - completely free.

Registration needed - full access

you don't even have to create an account to use it

More resources I'll update soon id you know another please send me by comment on this post and I'll provide to insert them on this post



Friday, November 28, 2008

Seo Step by Step, the Seo rules when I bluid a Site non HTML

I find this articole "Search Engine Optimization and Non-HTML Sites" from Digital Web Magazine site that speacks about the problem and solution when a site is fully created with flash.

The search engines don't love this kind of site and it's often difficult to index the site on them.
The article shows you the possible strategy to improve to getthe best index in the search engines.

In the article you can find some information andsolution to optimize the PDF file, Video File and more.

Very good Article !!!

by to next

Monday, November 24, 2008

Seo step by step - The invisible things make you visible...

In my precendent post I try to explain the importance of "Title tag" for speed up onyour business on the web.

I have a lot of reason to believe that this question may be confuse somebody...
Why the invisible things do this?

How do The invisible things make you Visble?

I'm not going crazy but I want to touch on the invisible informations that are encloused in HEAD section of the site and the site brings with it.

In particoular I want to get focus on meta tag elements.

I choose this little video from the new Pixar shorts film where you can see a strong illusionist that tries to test his magic hat with an hungry bunny.

The meta tag is the magic hat of your site.

Infact if you don't optimize it you could have a very hard time to improve more traffic and more visibility for your site.

The meta tag can help you to do this.

I get focus on 2 meta tag the most important:


The first meta tag is keywords.

<meta name="keywords" content=" key1,key2,..." />

Some search engine ingore this meta tag and it's nto correct to full the content of it with a hundred keys.
About 4 or 5 max 10 is the best number of keywords to insert in the metacontent. Since two years you can put in metacontent of keywords also a key phrase that help the serp to find the page very soon.

The second meta is Description.

< meta name="description" content=" bla bla bla" />

this meta tag you can write the charatteristic of page or website index. An optimize meta tag description is made about 250 - 300 chars with 2% max 5% keywords density.
If the query in the search engine catch some keyword or phrase in the description meta tag, the serp show the first 155 char of description.
In order to this it's very important to write
main features of the site in the beginning of description meta content to make sure that is always displayed.

A very Special thanks to Ana from

see you soon

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seo Step by step - The title tags - speed up your ranking

In my two precedent post i wrote about the external characteristics of the continuos improvement for who want to start a business website.

Now I want to speack about another important factor that improves your ranking and your business too is the optimization of your title tag for your web page.

Why we give the prominence to this tag?

There could be many answers to this question but the prominence of this tag was given by the list of results obtain from some query write on search engine input box.

The title appears every time you are looking for some information or resource on the web.

When you write some keyword or key phrase on search engine box the this lists all resources nad web page with this specific key or phrase .

What do you have to do to make the title tag more competitive in the search engine ranking?

This step is no simple work to do because if you enter one or two keywords in it you don't have finish and you'll need to verify the success of your actions for a long time.
For example the position of the keywords entered or the length of the title and many more particular thing to use for a great result

in this example I wrote the query = "Seo title tag optimization" and this is the result

Now you write this query "seo title tag " it doesn't list the same result,do it?.

Let the serp (Searc Engine Result Page) meet your page and when it appens the title tag helps the serp to know what your contents are or wich is your business or if your particular page contains the information that someone is looking for.

On the web there are many articles about this argouments...

here it is some resource:
this is very interesting and complete article. very good

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SEO vs SEO 2.0 - present vs Future

A little SnapShot on seo Planet....

Take a look at this comparitive table.

I've found it in my recent advanced search about Seo tecnique
on this blog

The table explains to us the 15 differents between SEO (old style) and SEO 2.0 (future).

bye to the nex with my personal guide Seo step by step


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seo Step By Step - Who Host Your Web Site?

Welcome back to the second step of our mini-guide Seo.

In previous post i have talk about "The Name" of your web site or blog and of a great importance of it in a starting business.

Now I want to speack about the hosting service for your web site.
If the name is the e_card of your business the hosting service is the home of your business.

A good host behind your web site allows to begin your web site minimize the problems and makes it robust and significant for the biggest search engine like Google, Yahoo, Msn...

Here is a list of the most important and hosting service:




Surely this list is not complete but i the hosting are the most important that i know.

Remember the Name is the E_card of your business and the hosting is the house..
The user/client wants a comfortable and livable house and i think :" do this and you get a more traffic in it !!!" dont' worry choose the right thing!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seo ste by step - the basic rules for the success - the right choose of the NAME

What is the right way to have a great success on the web with his own site or blog?

In my opinion this is the first important and delicated question to ask onself.

If you want to have a great success on the web you need to know how can optimize your site if you have this for blog it's different.

Now I want to speack about the basic rules that affect in particulary the site.

In this post i'm going to get the focus on the name of your web site and the right domain for your web site.

The NAME of your web site is ALL!!!
When you start a business on the web if you don't use an appropriate name for its you can't recive the benefits that a right name could be done.

The name of a site should suggest the contents of the site and it must referer to the business or niche where you want to strt it.
First Step : Choose The Name,
I reccomend to choose three or four name and check their availablity in this site

The Name you choose is available... Good!!! Go to the nex Step

Now we have the Name of the site and go to choose who host my web site..

to the next

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunset Calendar 2009 - a wonderful year with Sunsets

Are you looking for ideas to gift something ?

This is a simple example that you can build with

This is an idea for a gift builds in one hour.

You must be careful only to the size of photos that you'll go to use for all ok kind of the things you want to create.

You can open your free basic personal store and you can use the basic effect to create your products like this

Try it is not difficult!

SQUIDOO - have a business with a lens

in this post i want to take a deeper dive into Squiodoo.

SQUIDOO is a very particlar comunity that loves to call hand-bilt-comunity with about milion page build in it.

In Squidoo you can make a Lens. A Lens is a page where you can write all kind of argouments that you like to share.

T per la creazione delle pagine (vedi esempio) is more simple and fast.
When you write a Lens some questions help you to build it.

In the page is possible to insert some forms like search key for ebay or offers from e-shop on,, and you can earn money and traffic.

Meanwhile SQUIDOO allows the user to create specific groups and more .

SQUIDOO can increase your business.

What areyou wating for !? start to use it!

write by

Start your business on line

Here it is a links list of sites that offer the possibility to anyone who wanted to open an online store for small business with a gadgets of every type like t-shirt,
caps, mug, calendars, watch, bag, posters, and every size bill.

The first two sites allow a genuine creation of an online store with pages and updated report.

seguiranno approfondimenti in materia.

Meanwhile, here's my little example of online store created on

sharemysunset store

bye to the next

A little bit of style for your BLOG

What can I do to make my blog more appealing?

In order to make the blog more engaging I started, in this afternoon, to looking for resources to be shared .

Often for laziness, we do not use our resources to may be enought to achieve excellent results.

Here i want to share with you some links and resource about the most important free blog's plattaform on the web such as blogger, wordpress and Splinder, and for every ones

Are you still looking for some ideas to change the look of your blog?

How can you begin to change the look of your blog?

How can you do to make your blog more appealing?

Here i have post some links for all this platform where you can download more templates for your blog:

Wordpress platform

Blogger Platform:

Platform Splinder

For all (it seems to me quite complete) other platforms will point out this link

if you know another important site or blog dedicated to this kind of argoument please post it here...

the next
Written by StefanoYesStudio

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Start a Business with your blog - some hot resource

This is my first post that i write in english.
I want to share some hot resources for bloggers who wants to start a business with own arguments or if you have a niche and want to earn money with it, i hope it will help you to go better with your blog.

First social network where co The Squidoo is a particular community where you can join in alternative business.

You can make a lens about your favorite arguments and you can support it with advertise from Amazon Cafepress ebay and more... check out my example

like Squidoo there is Hubpages.
In Hubpages you can make a Hubs.
Hubs are a little web page where you wite your article and you can add advertising and more...

Another social network like two seen before is Gather.
In Gather you can share your latest photos with friends, talk about the day's hottest topics, and meet all kinds of interesting people.

that's all bye...
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