Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Six Key Elements of VSEO || Video Optimization

Video search engine optimization is broken down into the following six components. 

1. File Names:
When you save or upload the file, be sure to make the name keyword friendly so it does not save in a default time stamped format.

2. Titles:
Create a SEO optimized title by using relevant keywords. Do not do things like upload a video, leaving the file extension as part of your title name.

3. Descriptions:
The description should be optimized by using rich and relevant content. Do not forget to place a URL prefix in the beginning or else it will not show up as a link. Your description should also be keyword rich and full of content rather it is a transcript of the video or an explanation as to the topics it covers. Never ever over stuff keywords as search engines will reflect negatively on your site and confuse results.

4. Tags:
Tags can also be included to add keywords that do not apply in a description or fit naturally in any of the above content. The tags should be one or two words with each separated by a comma.

5. Categories:
Choose a category of groups that your video corresponds with. This will help to expand your reach by showing the video alongside other relevant videos, allowing visitors to discover them.

6. Visibility:
Make sure your account is set to public otherwise you are optimizing for no reason or benefit thus far.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Facebook introduces Hastag , the war of words

Facebook also introduced the hashtag, a few months ago. After several years since the launch of twitter that has become known all over the world the use of these eichette, facebook also implements the hashtag to improve the profiling of its members. A true declaration of war on profiling. Here's an interesting article on the potential and the importance of the use of hashtags. http://mashable.com/2013/07/11/marketers-experiment-with-facebooks-hashtags/