Monday, December 8, 2008

Can we become a Pro Blogger ? Yes WE CAN....

In this post i want to ask you something about the opportunities for all to become a pro blogger.

The most important thing to impove when I start a blog is to know the argouments that i speacks about, share the news and informations with other bloggers and how other bloggers turn their passion into a profitable profession.

Anyone can start a blog. it's free (blogger,, splinder) to open on line and easy to use.

There are thousand resources online about blogging and how to become a pro blogger let me show you some.

I want to suggest this site .

Whether you're just starting out or have been blogging for years, these two professional bloggers show you how to turn your passion for blogging into extra revenue.

This practical guide to creating and marketing a blog with the potential for generating a six-figure income shows you how to choose subject matter that works for you, handle technical issues, and evaluate your blogs success so that you can use your blog to generate income indirectly. (Amazon's rewiew).

A very good guide to optimize your work with blog.

Another guide that i suggest to you to learn the basic roules of the blogging is this:

You’ll find out how to:

Make your blog stand out in a crowd, build an audience, and even make it pay
Choose the best software options, boost readership, and handle comments
Generate revenue from your blog with ads and sponsorships
Protect your privacy and your job
Deal with spam and the inappropriate comments from that guy who posts several times a day
Find your niche
Attract and keep readers
Use your blog to promote your business, cause, or organization
Add audio, video, cool widgets, and more
(from amazon rewiew)

The last book speacks about the best practices of blogging and the 30 most important problogger in the world.
It's important to have a landmark and this book presents to you 30 best practices of pro bloggers.

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