Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adsense in your post? Fast and Simple

In this post i want to speack about the tecnique to insert the adsense's code in the body of your post in the most important blog's platform like Blogger and Wordpress.

follow me!!!

Blogger Platform:
in this platform there are bilion of widgets that make your blog more interesting and more engaging but there is no widget that allows you to insert adsense's code in the body of your post.
To make this you go to your Blogger control panel then and modify your Blogger html model.
Nb: Save your html_model beacouse you can reload it if you have a trouble, then start to follow this instructions:
1) Contro if the Expand Widget Model is checked
2) create your ads code and parse it here Parse Html because blogger's structure is developed in xml
3) search in your model this line of code "<div class="post-body ...></div>" put parse before this div and try.
You can also insert the code betwen <p class='some_class'> -Parse Adsense Code Here -</p> and you can decide with css where the adsense shows the advertise.

Wordpress Platform:
If you have your blog developed on this platform you can easily make the insert of the code.
follow this simple steps and you'll done it.
first create the adsense code then those istructions:
1) Open your template directoy and search the file "single.php"
2) Open it with a web editor and search this istruction <?php the_content … …
3) Past the code before this istruction.
4) Save.

Simple and Fast...

that's all

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