Sunday, October 12, 2008

Start a Business with your blog - some hot resource

This is my first post that i write in english.
I want to share some hot resources for bloggers who wants to start a business with own arguments or if you have a niche and want to earn money with it, i hope it will help you to go better with your blog.

First social network where co The Squidoo is a particular community where you can join in alternative business.

You can make a lens about your favorite arguments and you can support it with advertise from Amazon Cafepress ebay and more... check out my example

like Squidoo there is Hubpages.
In Hubpages you can make a Hubs.
Hubs are a little web page where you wite your article and you can add advertising and more...

Another social network like two seen before is Gather.
In Gather you can share your latest photos with friends, talk about the day's hottest topics, and meet all kinds of interesting people.

that's all bye...
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