Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seo ste by step - the basic rules for the success - the right choose of the NAME

What is the right way to have a great success on the web with his own site or blog?

In my opinion this is the first important and delicated question to ask onself.

If you want to have a great success on the web you need to know how can optimize your site if you have this for blog it's different.

Now I want to speack about the basic rules that affect in particulary the site.

In this post i'm going to get the focus on the name of your web site and the right domain for your web site.

The NAME of your web site is ALL!!!
When you start a business on the web if you don't use an appropriate name for its you can't recive the benefits that a right name could be done.

The name of a site should suggest the contents of the site and it must referer to the business or niche where you want to strt it.
First Step : Choose The Name,
I reccomend to choose three or four name and check their availablity in this site

The Name you choose is available... Good!!! Go to the nex Step

Now we have the Name of the site and go to choose who host my web site..

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