Monday, November 10, 2008

SQUIDOO - have a business with a lens

in this post i want to take a deeper dive into Squiodoo.

SQUIDOO is a very particlar comunity that loves to call hand-bilt-comunity with about milion page build in it.

In Squidoo you can make a Lens. A Lens is a page where you can write all kind of argouments that you like to share.

T per la creazione delle pagine (vedi esempio) is more simple and fast.
When you write a Lens some questions help you to build it.

In the page is possible to insert some forms like search key for ebay or offers from e-shop on,, and you can earn money and traffic.

Meanwhile SQUIDOO allows the user to create specific groups and more .

SQUIDOO can increase your business.

What areyou wating for !? start to use it!

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