Monday, November 24, 2008

Seo step by step - The invisible things make you visible...

In my precendent post I try to explain the importance of "Title tag" for speed up onyour business on the web.

I have a lot of reason to believe that this question may be confuse somebody...
Why the invisible things do this?

How do The invisible things make you Visble?

I'm not going crazy but I want to touch on the invisible informations that are encloused in HEAD section of the site and the site brings with it.

In particoular I want to get focus on meta tag elements.

I choose this little video from the new Pixar shorts film where you can see a strong illusionist that tries to test his magic hat with an hungry bunny.

The meta tag is the magic hat of your site.

Infact if you don't optimize it you could have a very hard time to improve more traffic and more visibility for your site.

The meta tag can help you to do this.

I get focus on 2 meta tag the most important:


The first meta tag is keywords.

<meta name="keywords" content=" key1,key2,..." />

Some search engine ingore this meta tag and it's nto correct to full the content of it with a hundred keys.
About 4 or 5 max 10 is the best number of keywords to insert in the metacontent. Since two years you can put in metacontent of keywords also a key phrase that help the serp to find the page very soon.

The second meta is Description.

< meta name="description" content=" bla bla bla" />

this meta tag you can write the charatteristic of page or website index. An optimize meta tag description is made about 250 - 300 chars with 2% max 5% keywords density.
If the query in the search engine catch some keyword or phrase in the description meta tag, the serp show the first 155 char of description.
In order to this it's very important to write
main features of the site in the beginning of description meta content to make sure that is always displayed.

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see you soon
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