Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seositecheckup -- the importance of a regular site checkup

If you want to get more visibility on the web by only the help of search engines you have to work hard for several days or months.

But don't worry, the web doesn't left you alone!!!

On the web there are so many kind of tools that help you to find the right way to reach your success and web popularity.

I'm talking about to this great tool gives you a complete list of informations about about your site.
For example this tool let's you to:

1)check your site's structure and the links
2)seeks firm mistakes which the major search engine bans your site.
3)Check the content of your site;
4)Check and to optimize the meta tag created in particular title, description and keywords;
5)Increase your web traffic with HTTP Compression and another rules to incrase the speed of your web site.

that's all good try....
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