Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And 2009 comes... increase your Page Rank and check your Trust Rank

Happy New Year to all my old an new readers! i wish all the best for you in this year 2009!!

But what this new year will bring for us?

Well i don't Know what but i hope all the things that make this a very special year more than last 2008.

I want to get focus about one concept: trust rank.

Trust Rank is a link analysis technique for separating useful web pages from spam pages inside a web site or blog. Trust Rank and Page Rank are important for your web pages and it gives more importance to content of your web page.

If you have a good Trust Rank your site or web page contents is considered a good content and the search engine recompense them with the best position on search engine lists of results for a specific keyword o phrase.

I have found two site that allows you to check the value of your Trust Rank.

linkvoodo trust rank calculatorThe first is www.LinkVoodo.com.
This site contains a powerful tool that completely checks all the factors that fix the value of your Trust Rank.
If you have a site you can try and see what is the list of factors analyzed. Very good tool

The second tool i have tried with my web site is www.trustrank.org .
This tool is not complete like linkVoodo and it is limited to the simple list of factors without specific note or troubleshooting to improve the trust rank
trustrank calculator

Try and see what value is your Trust Rank ?
See You

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